CE420 6-User System
CE420 6-User System
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Most Venues in the 4,000 to 8,000 sq ft range need a package just like this to ensure clear communication in the loudest and toughest environments. At 4 watts it has double the power of the CE240, giving it a substantially broader range in those larger buildings, properties, and jobsites.

Your Package Includes:
  • 6 CE420 4W UHF radios
  • 6 Sentinel Coiled Tube Earpieces
  • 6 Colorful Silicone Cases
  • 6 Chargers or Optional 6-Bank Charger
All of the necessary accessories are also included, lithium-ion batteries, belt clips, and antennas.
List Price: $1,934.75
Our Price: $1,583.85
Savings: $350.90

Product Code: 4206PK


6 CE420 Radios:
The Black Diamond Radio CE420 is designed to be exceptionally durable, yet much smaller than the typical 4-watt walkie talkie. The CE420 is feature rich, the belt clip is indestructible, the chassis is cast aluminum, not to mention we thought of the user when we added voice annunciation. You no longer need to fumble with the radio when changing channels, it tells you what channel you've changed to. When you wear an earpiece you hear it clearly in your ear when you change. No more guessing.

Strong and weatherproof, the Black Diamond Radio CE420 meets Mil 810 C,D, and E and its advanced audio processor is designed to excel in high-noise environments and provide superior audio, even in FCC compliant narrow band.

6 Sentinel Earpieces:
The Sentinel earpiece features less wire than other 2-wire kits. One wire leaves the radio and runs to a microphone push-to talk unit; the earpiece wire attaches at the microphone/push to talk unit near the lapel and runs under the shoulder to the back of the neck. The audio quality for the Sentinel coiled tube earpiece is excellent. The Sentinel features a large PTT that which lies flat; this means it is easy to find and that you can simply push on it rather than having to grab the entire PTT unit. A step saved that you'll be thankful for when your hand and your mind are engaged!

With this earpiece you can talk into your radio at a conversational tone and have crystal clear communication. The Sentinel uses Kevlar-reinforced wiring and top quality strain reliefs. It was designed for those in law enforcement, so it will survive in even the roughest work environment.

6 Semi-Custom Skeletal Earmolds:
Our silicone semi-custom earmolds are soft and very comfortable. They can be worn up to 12 hours without fuss, some customers have said they sometimes leave work with it still in because they forgot it was there!

This style does not block the ear canal, rather it "floats" the tip of the tube in your ear canal leaving a gap around it large enough to allow you to hear your surroundings! This means you catch every radio communication clearly, but never lose situational awareness.

This package includes:
  • Right Small: 2
  • Right Medium: 2
  • Left Small: 2
To choose different sizes call today to customize your package!
Optional 6-Bank Charger:
One of the biggest challenges in any work or project environment is keeping track of expensive equipment. The 6-Bank charger helps a great deal in this regard giving you a central storage location and eliminating the mess of many charger wires and the challenge of using multiple outlets. It uses 1 cord and only needs 1 outlet.

Designed to charge a radio fully in only one hour, this charger is electronically controlled to protect your batteries and charge them fast. An added feature is the ability to charge a battery which is not attached to the radio, simply drop the battery alone into the slot. Just glance at your charger at the end of the day and be confident all of your radios have been returned to a central location.

Silicone Color Sleeves
Unique to our radios, our Silicone Color Sleeves have multiple functions. Most importantly, the soft silicone adds additional shock protection when a radio is dropped. The fact that our radios are Diamond Tough is bolstered even further with this protective sleeve, providing even more peace of mind in addition to our industry-defying warranty. Not to mention, the silicone makes the radio easier to grip so the chances of dropping it decrease, but you'll never have to worry about dropping it knowing that it's protected!

A secondary function: we've learned that users take ownership of a radio if it is specifically assigned to them and are more apt to take care of it. As such, these sleeves provide a way to determine which radios are which at a glance by making each unit recognizable. Furthermore, this gives the user something to get excited for, choosing a color they enjoy and making the experience customizable and more interesting, keeping staff more engaged!

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