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"As a dental office manager it is important to keep abreast of what's going on with patients and staff at all times. These radios are the best thing ever! Not only do they work well but they are comfortable to wear. I have left the office many times still wearing my radio and headset! Thanks for providing superior customer service as well as an excellent product!"
Pam R. Cary, NC

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Product Info And Resources

D240 Product Setup

CE450 Waterproof Industrial 2-way Radio

CE240 Lightweight Industrial Radio

Custom Ear Mold

Tracker Police Coiled Tube Listen Only Earpiece

Semi Custom Earmold for Comfort

Stinger Police Economy Earpiece

Concierge G Top Quality Earhook Style Earpiece

Whisper WL (Wireless)

Centurion HN

Sentinel LEG Quality Single Wire Earhook Earpiece

Sentinel HN

Dental Office Communication System

Nightclub Communication System

Veterinary Office Communications System

Whisper Throat Mic

Earpiece Impression Kit

Semi Custom How To Wear