Cipher 3-Wire Coiled Tube Earpiece for M5 Multipin Radio
Cipher 3-Wire Coiled Tube Earpiece for  M5 Multipin Radio

  • Full 3-Wire System
  • Push-To Talk Runs Down Sleeve or in Pocket
  • Tiny Lapel Microphone for Covert Use
  • Clear Coiled Tube is Very Discreet
  • Kevlar Wire for Exceptional Durability
  • One Year Warranty Against ALL Failures
  • Our Price: $89.90

    Product Code: M5CIPH

    Description Compatibility
    Cipher is a great solution when discretion is a must. Cipher is a three-wire kit because three wires separate from a strain relief molding. The first wire goes to a discreet clear coiled tube earpiece easily hidden by hair and collar. The second wire goes to a small microphone with a clothing pin which is pinned to the shirt near the lapel. The microphone will pick up your voice through clothing. It can also pick up other parties involved in the conversation. The third wire goes to a finger Push-To-Talk which be worn around the finger or in your pocket.

    The Cipher coiled tube type earpiece can be worn in comfort for hours. There are many options to customize the piece in your ear to fit your needs. Law Enforcement officials generally want a custom or semi-custom skeleton style earmold for exceptional comfort, even for a twelve hour shift. The skeleton style allows you to maintain situational awareness. The ear canal is not blocked so you can still hear all around you.

    Semi Custom Earmold Custom Attenuating Earmold Clear Eartips Pack of 10 Custom Skeleton Earmold
    Our Price: $9.95
    Our Price: $84.99
    Our Price: $9.95
    Our Price: $79.99
    Semi Custom Earmold Custom Attenuatin Earmold Clear Eartips Pack-10 Custom Skeleton Earmold
    Foamie with Hole and Elbow, Pack of 4
    Our Price: $19.95
    Foamie with Hole and Elbow, Pack of 4

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