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D240 6 Bank Charger D240 6 Bank Charger

Keep all your radios in one place for convenience and security. No more need for a tangle of power strips. The D240 6-Bank charger is individually electronically controlled. This means your batteries will not be overcharged. This is a rapid rate charger and will fully recharge your radio in only 1 Hour!

List Price: $199.95
Our Price: $199.95
D240 Lithium Polymer Battery Upgraded LITHIUM Ion Battery for CE240

DC 3.7 V, 2000mA LI-Pol Battery for D240 Digital Radio

Our Price: $29.99
Silicone Case for CE240 radio Silicone Case for CE240 radio

These attractive new silicone cases for the Black Diamond CE240 radio come in six colors--pink, blue, yellow, lavender, orange and green.  They are a perfect fit and a great way to customize and distinguish your radio from others.  With our new twin charger, your radio with silicone case will drop right in for reliable charging every time, and will charge an extra battery simultaneously.

List Price: $21.95
Our Price: $9.95
Savings: $12.00

CE240 Twin Charger CE240 Rapid Rate Twin Charger

Twin Desktop Charger for the CE240 Radio. This smart charger will rapidly charge your CE240 radio and an extra battery, and is designed to work perfectly with CE240 radios with silicone cases. These chargers can be connected together for a more simple and organized way to charge multiple radios.

Our Price: $19.95

Charger CE240 6V Large Power Supply Charger CE240 6V Large Power Supply

Power Supply to power your CE240 6-Bank Charger. Strong enough to charge 6 CE240 radios at the same time.  Convenient and less hassle than plugging many chargers into a wall outlet, this is a must-have for CE450 users!

Our Price: $69.95
Jr. Stubby Antenna for Black Diamond CE240/CE420 Radio Antenna for Black Diamond CE240 Radio

This Stubby antenna makes the CE240 very easy to carry.

Our Price: $9.95
Belt Clip for CE240 Radio Belt Clip for CE240 Radio

Replacement Belt Clip for CE240 - 2-screw version.

Our Price: $3.95