D420 Hue 4-User System
D420 Hue 4-User System
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The Black Diamond Radio D420 Hue Digital 4-User Package comes with everything you need to take your communications game to the next level! This package is perfect for medium to large facilities and will allow your staff to communicate with each other instantly! Digital DMR technology give this package increased range, crystal clarity, the ability to make private calls, and an all-call channel for announcements and emergencies. Large and easy to find push-to-talk buttons on the Sentinel earpieces make communicating quickly a breeze, and also allow you to speak without contaminating sterile gloves by pressing the button with the inside of your wrist, while the radio can be clipped to a belt or even fits in larger pockets. Additionally, colorful silicone skins protect the radios and allow for customization.

Your Package Includes:
  • 4 D240 Hue Digital Radios w/16 Channels
  • 4 Sentinel Earpieces for Staff
  • 4 Semi-Custom Skeletal Earmolds in Various Sizes
  • 4 Colorful Silicone Sleeves
All of the necessary accessories are also included, lithium-ion batteries, belt clips, and antennas.
List Price: $1,303.20
Our Price: $999.95
Savings: $303.25

Product Code: PKD4204


4 D420 Hue Radios:
At 4 watts the Black Diamond Radio D420 Hue packs the same amount of power as our analog CE420, but the fact that it's a digital radio extends the range and packs it with features. Private calling and the audio clarity that comes with digital make this radio a game changer. We developed this to be small, lightweight, and compatible with the future! And, speaking of compatibility, it uses all of the same accessories as the CE420, including batteries, so upgrading is a snap!

The D420 comes programmed with frequencies in the business range, meaning you will not have to compete for space in the spectrum with consumer radios like those from department stores. This radio complies with Mil-810 C,D,E for splash and shock testing, adhering to our "Diamond Tough" standard.

Incredibly easy to use, simply switch the radios you want to communicate with each other on the same channel and press the push-to-talk button to speak. When changing channels the unit will announce the channel to you, eliminating the need to look at the tiny numbers on the dial. When using an earpiece the channel announcement will be routed to your ear where only you can hear it, as well as any incoming communications.

4 Sentinel Earpieces:
The Sentinel earpiece features less wire than other 2-wire kits. One wire leaves the radio and runs to a microphone push-to talk unit; the earpiece wire attaches at the microphone/push to talk unit near the lapel and runs under the shoulder to the back of the neck. The audio quality for the Sentinel coiled tube earpiece is excellent. The Sentinel features a large PTT that which lies flat; this means it can be pressed with the inside of the wrist when your hands are gloved, preventing contamination or the need to change gloves.

With this earpiece you can talk into your radio at a conversational tone and have crystal clear communication. The Sentinel uses Kevlar-reinforced wiring and top quality strain reliefs. It was designed for those in law enforcement, so it will survive in even the roughest work environment.

If you would like other earpiece options call today to customize your package!

4 Semi-Custom Skeletal Earmolds:
Our silicone semi-custom earmolds are soft and very comfortable. They can be worn up to 12 hours without fuss, some customers have said they sometimes leave work with it still in because they forgot it was there!

This style does not block the ear canal, rather it "floats" the tip of the tube in your ear canal leaving a gap around it large enough to allow you to hear your surroundings! This means you catch every radio communication clearly, but never lose situational awareness.

This package includes:
  • Right Small: 2
  • Left Small: 2
To choose different sizes call today to customize your package!

Colorful Silicone Sleeves
We've discovered that it's easier to differentiate between radios using colors, not to mention, why don't we have some fun with it? This package includes 4 silicone sleeves to outfit your radios. These perform more than one function. First, they protect the radios in a drop scenario, the soft silicon will cushion a fall and absorb the impact. Secondly, they make it easy to determine which radio is which at a glance. Furthermore, they can be used to assign radios to staff, inferring ownership that will encourage taking care of the unit, not to mention make it easier to keep track of them.

If you would like to choose the colors for your sleeves, or customize the type of earpieces in your package give us a call right away! Expect NO hold time and friendly assistance with customizing the package to YOUR needs!

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