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Unconditional 1 and 2 Year Equipment Warranty
WE DO NOT PROVIDE RETURN LABELS FROM CANADA TO THE US. Canadian customers are responsible for their own shipping back to the US.

Custom Earpiece/Black Diamond Radio warrants ALL of our products (with the exception of earmolds, warranted for 30 days) for one year from the date of purchase against ALL failures. If you break it, we'll replace it! We do not cover loss. You have to have something recognizable to return to us.
  • Earpieces have a date on the back of the PTT button, or on the cable above the connector. We warrant 15 months from the date on the product if we cannot positively identify when you purchased the product. As long as you have the failed earpiece to send back to us and it is under warranty we will replace it regardless of the cause of failure, this means both manufacturer defects AND accidents.
  • Radio Serial Numbers are recorded at the time they are shipped. The warranty extends 24 months from the date we ship the product. No matter what caused the failure we replace it as long as you have the radio to send back to us. Like a normal warranty, manufacturer defects are covered, but unlike any warranty provided by our competitors we also cover accidents, like immersion in water, being chewed on by a dog, or run over by a forklift.

Post-Warranty Process

Once the 2-year warranty has expired, customers may have radios serviced by paying a bench fee for 3 more years. Customers may inquire about the current rate by phone. If the radio is not repairable, we will apply the bench fee that was paid toward the purchase of a replacement. Additionally, we provide the option to use the irreparable radio as a trade in and will offer a discount at our current trade-in rate which is determined by a percentage. Unfortunately, radios over 5 years old cannot be serviced. While it is not uncommon for them to work much longer, parts and programming change and it is a losing proposition to them functioning optimally.
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